What Is Vegan Leather ?

Vegan leather was originally produced for PETA crazed vegan-centrics. Now - it's everywhere, clothing such as fashionable Vegan Leather Jackets, vegan leather bags and clutches. It has transformed itself from a niche alternative to a sustainable staple as part of the green ecowave.

Traditional Leather is made from dead animals, usually cow hides, sometimes other critters such as pigs, horses and so forth. So the beast in your burger bun may also be the same beast on your back. And the pig from the pig skin that you once tossed about on the rugby or football fields could also be the same beast in your breakfast sausage.

Vegan leathers and faux leathers imitate true leather by using plant-based fibers as well as synthetic materials to get a similar consistency to the real deal. The large part of vegan leather is produced from petroleum-based plastics. So as long as the leather isn't derived from any animal products, it can be considered vegan.

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