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Barbados Flag License Plate

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6X12 Inch Barbados Flag License Plate. Aluminum high gloss metal license plate. Made with a Sublimation Process using the highest quality aluminum. Lightweight and durable. Pre-drilled holes for quick and easy mounting. Individually shrink-wrapped and proudly made in the USA

The Barbados flag consists of a triband of two blue bands surrounding a yellow band with a trident in the center. The blue bands represent the ocean and sky which surrounds the Island Nation. The blue stripes enclose a golden central band, which represents the sand. A black trident head, sometimes called the broken trident, is in the center of the golden band. Barbados' colonial badge was the trident of Poseidon with Britannia holding it. The broken trident is symbolic of the countries break from its colonial status. The three pointed trident is representative of the three principles of democracy: government of the people, government for the people, and government by the people.

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