What is Funkingruven ?

The Origins and Meaning Of Funkingruven

Funkingruven is a slang term originally coined from the slogan "Fahrvergnügen" meaning "driving enjoyment" in German. Used by Volkswagen in late 80's and popularized by a 1990 US ad campaign. This slogan is sometimes seen on Volkswagen lovers cars. When used in English the term bears similarities to the terms Funk and Groovy or in this case Grooving.

Funkingruven License Plate

Funk / Funking Originally used for a popular music genre related to blues jazz, and soul which over time morphed into other pop usage. Funky Town, a early 80s Disco hit, is one example. Another would be Grand Funk Railroad a well know Rock Group.

Groovy / Grooving - Slang. very pleasing; fashionably attractive; wonderful: a groovy car. [Free Dictionary]

Funkingruven License Plate
Variations found include

Farfromdrunken usually depicted with an image of a stick figure drinking.  Sometimes used to depict  a Designated driver who owns a Volkswagen.

Farfrompuken ditto from above

Fuckingruven or Fukengruven - the vulgarity with some of the same or similar stick figure graphics is sometimes inserted. The figures are at times engaged not in funkin, but in ... yes that's right ... and also in dance modes.

funkengruven sticker

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